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pstv pods

We were on the lookout for an optimal, convenient solution to create functional water infusions. we know most vitamins and supplements deteriorate in water, so premixed drinks can lose their strength over time. We also know that pills are full of fillers and wax.

eco friendly

Each pod is made of 100% recyclable plastic and contains a pstv proprietary mix meant for a specific function.

smart & simple

Its innovative yet simple dispensing method, allows you to extract maximum potency from functional ingredients.

easy to use

Simple.. Twist. Push. Shake. Drink!

about pstv

Let’s clear things up, right off the bat. pstv is positive, minus the fluff. You see that’s our way of looking at things.

That’s also the way we invent things. Whenever we have a good idea, we strip it down to the minimum, We get rid of the bells and whistles and restrict it to its most efficient form. And that’s what makes a good idea a great idea, or a pstv one. In our opinion at least.

How does this manifest on ground? Simple. Whatever we do, we do it with a pstv mindset. This means that all the ingredients we use are natural, and good for you. This also means that we are committed to sustainability every step of the way. Afterall a pstv you can only exist in a pstv environment.

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